If you’re looking for something that is as functional as it is beautiful, you should check out our coral stone supply in Lake Worth, Florida. Coral stone is one of nature’s little wonders, and it serves beautifully as a landscaping stone, building stone, or even paving stone. At Yardco Rocks, we offer a wide variety of coral stone products, from raw stone to flagstones, and from tiles to handcrafted planters.

Why Coral Stone is so Great

Coral stone is quite an incredible natural product. Geologically speaking, coral stone is considered a very “young” rock, which gives it a very unique appearance and distinct qualities. Many of the first European structures in the Americas were constructed out of coral stone because it is such an abundant, durable and beautiful natural resource.

We’ve found that coral stone is a wonderful paving material for pool decking and outdoor patios. It is not only gorgeous and elegant, but it provides a very safe, non-slip surface even when it gets wet. Most tiles or stones that are used for paving become a slippery hazard when wet. Obviously, poolside spaces and outdoor decks are prone to splashes and spills, so it’s really vital to have a safe, non-slip material in place.

Coral stone is an ideal material for outdoor paving, and it can be used in its natural form. At our coral stone supply in Lake Worth, Florida, our coral stone tiles are cut to bring out the natural beauty inherent in the stone, which creates an exceptionally elegant yet rustic look. This is just one reason why coral is considered one of the more luxurious options for poolside flooring.

Where to Find Coral Stone

At Yardco Rocks, we have a huge coral stone supply in Lake Worth, Florida, and you’re welcome to drop by any time. Browse our selection and load up on all of your favorite landscaping materials. If you need help in selecting the right products for your home or project, you can talk to one of our professionals on site, or by calling us at 561-433-4148.