Yardco Rock & Stone's beach pebbles come from beaches, of course and ours are from all over the world!! When mountains are naturally weather worn from rain, snow, and wind, fragments of the highlands are organically washed into surrounding rivers. Currents guide the rock into the ocean. All the while the small pieces of stone are being tumbled and polished by the river beds and waters. After there trip to the ocean, Beach Pebbles wash up onto beaches in a variety of sizes colors and stone varieties. Think of sea shells and sand in the United States and replace this image with tumbled stones under your beach towel! Yardco Rock & Stone currently imports beach pebbles directly from China, Indonesia, Peru and Mexico. Our owner travels the world scouring mountains, rivers and beaches to find the best beach pebbles the earth has produced! They are a beautiful, eco-friendly product and we are happy to say that we are one of the largest suppliers of Beach Pebbles in the country! Remember we ship everywhere! Call Yardco Rock & Stone today to talk to a member of our team about how you can incorporate beach pebbles into your yard and garden.