A vertical large imported Onyx column rockAt first glance, some people wouldn't think that normal rocks could be a creative medium. I'm not talking about sculpture – I'm talking about normal rocks ripped straight from a quarry without any changes. Not as versatile as paint or pencil, right? However, even the most creative art is built up in layers, detail by detail. The sheer variety, sizes, and shapes of landscape rock are perfect for filling in those details on any creative yard project. Find everything you need from Yardco Rock & Stone's selection of landscape rock in Palm Beach County, FL. When you're done, try these ideas on for size, and see how creative you can get.

5 Creative Uses for Landscape Rock

  • With small pebbles, try spicing up a simple pathway and river bed by creating colorful patterns. Landscape pebbles come in various colors – with some special arranging, a pathway can be separated into a series of mosiacs. Using mosiacs is also a good way to bring some creativity to pathways made out of flat stones.
  • * Create a mystical scene with stone borders surrounding a pond, stacked with evenly-sized rocks. Add to the scene with choice plants, small statues of rabbits and birds, and perhaps a small fountain or two. This helps make an average pond look a little bit more magical.
  • Use landscape rock to blend into the space around natural waterfalls. This way, the waterfall will look more like it formed organically. Even nature can benefit from fine details – tinker with rock placement until the patterns feel organic, but organized.
  • A great creative use of landscape rock is a zen garden. Laid with filler rock, it suggests a feeling of nature rather than directly references it. It's more than just filler rock, though – choice placement of larger stones and raked lines along the rock base will not only create a beautiful piece of natural art, but can also be a tool for your own mindfulness and inner peace.
  • Constructing a fire pit in your yard to resemble a campfire is not only fun, but practical. Use lava rock to compliment a homemade fire pit, and place a rock garden inspired by mountaintops nearby to complete the natural effect.

Fancy Yourself a Landscaping Artist?

A creative vision needs the right tools to make it happen. Yardco Rock & Stone fills its supply of landscape rock in Palm Beach County, FL with only the best materials imported from around the world. We don't offer anything we wouldn't put in our own yards. With over 25 years of experience in the landscaping industry, we do more than sell landscape materials. If you're still looking for that next creative idea, let us give you a hand. Visit Yardco Rock & Stone today, and if you have any questions before you do, email or call us at 561-433-4148.