Natural landscape rocks are some of the most stunning foundation pieces you can add to your landscape. As your natural landscape rock supply in  Florida, we’ve worked with homeowners and landscapers throughout the state, and we’ve got a huge inventory of gorgeous natural stone for you to browse through.

Picking the right landscape stones can be a tricky business though. Because the stones are so big and heavy, it’s important to plan and pick carefully before bringing stones back to your work site. We will help you to find just the right size, shape and color for your unique plans.

In the meantime, here are a few factors to consider as you plan out your use of landscape stones:

1. Fit

There are literally hundreds of different types of stone – not to mention different sizes and shapes. It’s important to pick a stone that fits in with your home and landscape design. Look at the stones already present in your landscape and try to incorporate rocks of a similar type and color. Of course, you can also incorporate something totally different as an accent or interest piece, but do be sure that it’s a good fit before bringing it home.

2. Scale

Along the same lines, you don’t want to bring home a boulder that’s the wrong size for the immediate spot or for the overall space. Many folks actually err on the side of caution and end up with boulders that are too small. Take time to consider the space carefully, and consult a professional landscaper if you’re not sure.

3. Accessibility

It takes some pretty heavy lifting to move boulders around. Plus, you should expect a little experimentation before you settle on just the right spot for your stones. Just make sure that you have sufficient manpower or the proper machinery to move stones safely.

Let us Help!

At Yardco Rock & Stone, we’ve worked with projects of all sizes. Just stop by our landscape rock supply in Florida, and let us help you to find the perfect landscape stones for your project. If you’d like to talk to one of our professionals, give us a call any time at 561-433-4148.