My Latest Asian Explorations for the Coolest Natural Stone Hardscapes…

     I have just returned from a four-month Winter-Spring, 2016, exploration/buying trip inclusive of China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand in Asia. Thanks to my travels, I have found even more one-of-a-kind hardscape materials for Yardco Rock & Stone. At Yardco, we are committed to excellence and professionalism, while seeking to provide high-quality, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing products to exceed our customers’ expectations on a global scale. This is the deal; we work hard finding the best quality hardscape materials from all over the world so that you don’t have to. I would like to emphasize the extravagant selection of Imported Beach Pebbles we keep in stock at Yardco Rock & Stone. We carry at least 12 colors with multiple sizes, from arena (graded pebbles the size of sand) to 3”-5” pebbles at all times. Exclusive to Yardco Rock & Stone is the darkest natural pebble (REAL BLACK) you will find in the states, Indonesian Midnight Black. Our warehouse in Gresik, Indonesia allows us to be the ONLY DIRECT IMPORTER of Indonesian Beach Pebbles in the country, with beautiful hard-to-find beach pebble colors like; Jade, Malta Maroon, Polar White, and Salmon. On average we have over 1,000 tons of 10-12 colors in varying sizes in stock. With trucks and containers arriving at Yardco daily, you are likely to discover new materials that you never imagined were available before. Bring your project to the next level by taking advantage of the vast arrangement of colors and sizes of beach and river pebbles that we stock and call us @ 561.433.4148 to make your vision reality. I thank you, with your business I have been afforded the opportunity to discover and import the most unique and exquisite hardscape materials in the world and it just keeps getting better. Thanks for your patronage.

Your Friend,

Chris Ebersold

“Your Traveling Stone Explorer”, President of Yardco Rock & Stone, USA and Yardco Indonesia