Give your garden an upgrade with our stunning natural river pebbles. These smooth, rounded stones add a gorgeous element to any flowerbed, pathway or border. They’re easy to install, easy to maintain, and they’re extremely affordable for widespread use. Once you see our huge selection at our river pebble supply in Lake Worth, Florida, you’ll want to use them everywhere!

Check out Our OPTIONS!

The great thing about river pebbles is that there are just so many different options to choose from. Looking for a specific color? We’ve probably got it. Our stones range from deep glossy black to snowy white, from delicate blue chalcedony to dusky ivory. We’ve got reds and golds, greys, blacks and whites, jades, buffs and even some speckled salt-and-pepper stones! We’ve got glossy stones and matte stones, and stones of all sizes ranging from less than 1/8 inch all the way up to over 5 inches.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle border of confetti pebbles or a bold mosaic pathway replete with blues greens and golds, we’ve got what you need at our river pebble supply in Lake Worth, Florida. Stop by and see what we’ve got on inventory – and if you don’t see what we need, we can certainly get it for you!

Check out YOUR Options!

One reason folks love river pebbles so much is because they’re extremely versatile. You can replace the mulch in your garden beds with any one of our varieties of river pebbles, and you have a long-term, gorgeous, and immediate upgrade! Plus, river pebbles don’t have to be constantly replenished the way mulch does, so it’s a far more cost-effective solution.

We also love to use river pebbles for borders and pathways. You can make a simple monochromatic walkway, or go all out with a mosaic effect using all the different colors in our inventory.

Really, your options are limitless, and when you visit our river pebble supply in Lake Worth, Florida, we think you’ll agree. For great ideas and the largest inventory of river pebbles around, drop by Yardco Rocks, or give us a call at 561-433-4148.