Rock garden stoneDesigning and constructing an excellent yard space is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece has to fit with the others perfectly, or it won't be complete. Unlike most jigsaw puzzles, though, your pieces can cost a lot more money and time to put together – a wrong design choice can mean a lot of expensive backtracking. For those tricky gaps in your yard, consider filling them with a rock garden. With YardCo's supply of rock garden stone in West Palm Beach, FL, the perfect rock garden – and a complete, beautiful yard – is just a few pieces away.

The 4 Rules to Consider for Rock Gardens

Rock gardens can be customized in a lot of ways and can fit practically anywhere in a yard. When planning out a rock garden, there's a few things you want to consider:

  • Mood: What do you want someone to feel when they see your rock garden? Do you want to inspire a sense of calmness, maybe through a smoothly-raked zen garden? Or do you want them to feel vibrant and in touch with nature, like when they see a slope laden with large stones and surrounding plant life? Think of your preferred mood and plan your rock garden to emphasize it.
  • Inspiration: Did you get your idea of a rock garden from somewhere in nature? Maybe rocks and gravel interwoven among desert plants would be perfect for your yard. Perhaps a flattened mountaintop of stones would make visitors want to hop between each one. Of course, you don't have to take inspiration entirely from nature – zen gardens are smooth and peaceful, and imply nature rather than state it outright.
  • Color and Size: You'll want to carefully choose the color and size of your rocks, along with the plants that will appear next to them. Not only should they compliment (or contrast) each other, it's important that neither rock nor plant overshadows the other, and that your choices fit the theme for your garden. Too many large stones look bulky, and too many small stones make the garden seem crowded. Balance is key – work it all out beforehand.
  • Placement: Even rocks in nature follow patterns. Randomly placing rocks anywhere in your rock garden will make it seem cluttered and chaotic. Nature has a subtle sense of order – try to imagine your rock garden as an actual spot of land in the wild. Would the arrangement of your rocks look like an arrangement that would occur in nature? Try to keep in mind how gravity would affect it.

No Time? The Experts Are Here to Help!

If you'd like to take these rules into account for your rock garden, but just don't have the time, YardCo will help you pick up the slack. We'll choose only the best rock garden stone from their supply in West Palm Beach, FL, and bring it to your door. We'll even set it up for you.