Chinese themed garden statue,statuary, Buddha statue,Buddhist statue, outdoor statues, lawn accents, garden statues.Are you looking to bring a sense of wonder and whimsy to your yard? Is there an idea you have to make your garden extra special, like turning it into a magical clearing or an Asian-inspired landscape? Garden statues are a quick and simple way to add a charming visual to any themed garden. Our Statue, Lanterns and Carvings Gallery in Boynton Beach, FL, includes Shivas, Buddhas, Moais, and Tara's a variety of other statue designs perfect for any motif.

Best Practices for Garden Statue Placement

Placement is supremely important when using statues to realize your garden's concept. Just sticking a statue anywhere won't work. You need proper composition. That doesn't mean you can't position a statue in the middle of the yard, but take care to make it a balanced focal point instead of just a random placement. Flanking a large statue with smaller plants, or placing the statue alongside a pathway or at the end of a garden, are some good ways to make the placement seem more natural. Smaller stones can be used to add dimension, color and depth to your focal piece. Plus, using more stone to surround the statue will minimize your maintenance costs and keep your project unique and natural. 

Just taking a few moments to plan what will compliment your statue will go a long way towards creating a themed garden that people will want to explore. Considering how heavy these statues get, being made of natural stone, a good plan is also essential so you only have to move them once. From there, all a statue needs is an occasional wash to keep it a long-term fixture for years to come.

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We take stauary special requests. With an artist rendered drawing we can have your own statue constructed of virtually anything that you could imagine. Also, it will be hand carved of the material of your choice! No matter what size and make of statue you need, our team is there to help you at any stage of your project, from delivery to composition to installation. Email us or call us today at 561-433-4148.